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Construction in Cuba

At the moment we are busy with extensive construction work at the Capitol in Cuba. It was built in 1929 as the seat of the legislature and served that purpose until 1959. Externally reminds the Capitol to the US capital, Washington, is allerings 1.40 m higher. For several years, the Capitol is closed for restoration. The mighty gates of bronze are decorated with reliefs showing the entire history of Cuba is shown by the conquest in 1492 by Christopher Columbus to the time of construction of the Capitol. In our blog you can check regularly updated on the progress on construction projects.

    Of course, you can continue on our extensive Services fall back:
  • · Trading and distribution of specialty building materials
  • · Procurement of construction services
  • · Shops and exhibitions
  • · Interior
  • · interior fittings

Parallel to our work in Cuba created here a new web site of the company MD Project Management.