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Welcome to MD Projektmanagement GmbH - your partner for professional building restoration. We bring new charm to monuments, historic buildings and other artworks with professional tools and attention to detail. In addition to our specialist field of building and object restoration, we are also active in shop and exhibition construction, in the sale of special building materials and in construction supervision and construction supervision. For extensions and conversions of commercial properties or private real estate, we are also available to you as a HÖRMANN.

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Our restoration objects in Cuba


Project insight: Restoration work on the Capitol in Cuba

Currently, we are restoring parts of the Capitiolio Nacional de Cuba, built in 1929, an imposing landmark of Havana, whose mighty entrance gates in bronze in impressive reliefs tell the entire history of Cuba - from the 1492 conquest by Christopher Columbus to the time of the edification of the Capitol. Take a look at the progress of the construction project.


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Havanna, Kuba

Since September 2014 we are working on the restoration of the Capitiolio Nacional de Cuba. The extensive work started with the restoration of the historical façade.

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Che Guevara Monument
Santa Clara, Kuba

Restoration work on the Che Guevara memorial in Santa Clara (Cuba) with the 108 m² bas-relief depicting sayings and battle scenes from the life of the rebel leader.

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Santa Ifigenia
Santiago de Cuba, Kuba

In the most important cemetery in Cuba, we have contributed special coatings to preserve the tombs. The cemetery is the final resting place of Fidel Castro and José Martí.

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